EasyDNA Australia sponsors The Australian Refugee Association's (ARA) fund raising event

Leading DNA testing company, EasyDNA New Zealand has recently provided a corporate sponsorship to the New Zealand Refugee Association’ (ARA) Fund Raising Event, helping the charity carry out its mission and fulfil its aims.


Who are the New Zealand Refugee Association (ARA)?

The ARA is a charity which believes “in the desire and capacity of refugees to be part of the culture and economic life of New Zealand.” The New Zealand Refugee Association established in 1975, is a non government and registered charity organisation that provide assistance and support to refugees in New Zealand. Since the charity’s inception, the organisation has helped countless families and individuals integrate into New Zealand society. The ARA also has a team of immigration agents that are there to assist refugees with their visa and citizen applications, providing the help and support to these people who have often fled their home lands out of fear and prosecution.


New Zealand Refugee Association’s (ARA) Video Commercial

The Fund Raising Event

The ARA holds fund raising event from time to time and the Amble for ARA 2014 was its most recent humanitarian endeavour to support its cause. Through its fund raising events, the ARA receives varying amounts of monetary and non-monetary contributions which are indispensible for the charity to keep giving the free help and assistance it has been providing to alleviate the plight of refugees since 1975. easyDNA, a private DNA testing company, which has for several years been involved in various charitable events, was one of the companies to sponsor the fund raising event in line with its constant corporate philanthropic goals in issues the company has at heart. View the ARA’s April newsletter.
The company also launched a PR announcing its this important event and its sponsorship. Click here to view the press release.
Back in 2010, easyDNA set up a fund to help in child welfare cases in New Zealand and New Zealand were parentage DNA testing was required in order to unite children with their biological parent/s. Read more about this in our article about the EasyDNA Social Resposibility Fund.

About EasyDNA New Zealand

EasyDNA New Zealand is a company offering a vast range of DNA testing services and is based in Chatswood and Springwood. Besides home DNA testing, EasyDNA also offers legal testing services and DNA testing for immigration. Laboratories are accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities of New Zealand, making their test results suitable for court cases and immigration cases.