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Have you ever thought about your ancestors and Where they came from? EasyDNA offers you a wide range of DNA ancestry testing services, where with a simple DNA sample they will be able to not only trace the history of your ancestors, but also where they originated from, obtaining a record of their movements thousands of years ago!

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Ancestral Origins Test

Have you ever wanted to discover your very own geogenetic links, your true ancestral heritage? You might have an idea of your recent ancestors but you can only discover your ancient, deep ancestral origins with an ancestry DNA test. Results ready in 2 weeks from receipt of samples.

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  • If you would like to discover the history of your family dating back thousands of years, then EasyDNA is able to offer you a range of DNA ancestry testing services. Through a simple DNA sample you will be able to trace the history of your ancestors and the area of the globe they originated from, as well as obtaining a record of their movements throughout the ages.

    There are various reasons to perform this test:

    • To increase your knowledge about the origins of your ancestors and their history dating back to thousands of years, for you and your children.
    • Need to know: for persons that have very limited or no information at all about their relatives, such as in the cases of adoption.
    • As a scientific tool: to confirm or clarify information obtained through genealogy research.

    As a gift: tracing their ancestry can be an unusual and fascinating gift to friends, relatives and loved ones.