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Enquire GeneType — Multi-Risk Test

GENETYPE INVITES YOU TO YOUR WELLNESS JOURNEY BASED ON YOUR GENETICS, with high end predictive technology, polygenic risk score, germline, and exome based NGS testing. Offering fast, accurate, and reliable comprehensive testing in one smart package.


Postal and Delivery times are constantly changing. Whilst every effort is made to reduce time where possible this cannot always be achieved due to actions outside our control. The times quoted are from the time the final sample is received.

Please note that prepaid return postage is not included.

Proactive healthcare based on accurate risk assessment

Risk assessment is a tool used by healthcare providers on a daily basis. When your provider takes your blood pressure, they are assessing your risk of developing a heart attack or stroke, and they will make recommendations on how to reduce that risk based on your results.

The GENETYPE risk assessment works the same way, except we don’t look at a single risk factor, we look at many risk factors together. This gives us a better picture of your risk of developing disease.

With a better picture of your risk, you and your healthcare provider can make proactive decisions to manage that risk.

One report. Actionable results.

GENETYPE reports help you and your medical practitioner translate your personal clinical, family and genetic data into an actionable preventable health plan.

Unlike other tests, your test results are provided in simple language that you can understand.

  • Your absolute risk score: this score may be a short-term or long-term representation of your risk, depending on the disease. It will be used by your medical provider to make decisions about risk-reducing strategies.
  • Recommendations on referral, and risk-reducing interventions including screening, lifestyle, medication options based on your risk level.
  • A snapshot of your risk compared to what is considered average for your age, sex and ethnicity.
  • A view of your risk factors: a summary of the risk factors that are included in the GENETYPE risk model including one unique to the GENETYPE test: Your polygenic risk score.
  • An easy-to-read patient summary highlighting additional risk factors and other information to increase your personal awareness

Know your risk of a serious disease to tailor a personalised prevention plan with your doctor, available now in conjunction with your medical provider’s referral.

Incorporate geneType Multi Test into your next health check

A general health check is an opportunity to consider your ongoing health to maintain healthy lifestyle.

A Risk assessment – a tool that is used to identify at-risk adults who would benefit from additional disease screening and risk-reduction–is a great tool to pave the way to proactive discussions with your healthcare provider. With a disease-specific risk assessment like geneType, you can get personalized recommendations to help you make your health a priority:

  • Risk-reduction options–you may have additional options available to you to reduce your risk, from medications to additional screening tools. Give yourself the option, by having your risk assessed.
  • Screening compliance–it’s easy to forget, or skip a routine screening event. Sometimes we need a nudge to remind us to do what’s best for our own health.
  • Lifestyle modifications to reduce disease risk (e.g. smoking cessation, improved nutrition, reducing alcohol consumption, increased physical activity).

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