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From $683 Infidelity DNA Testing

Cheating is no longer about guess work. Our infidelity DNA test is ideal to help provide a good indication of whether or not cheating has taken place. Clients can send in a variety of different samples which have roused their suspicions. An infidelity test can be carried out using a range of DNA samples including nail clippings and hairs. Once the DNA samples are at our laboratory, you will receive your comprehensive DNA analysis report in 10 working days.

Postal and Delivery times are constantly changing. Whilst every effort is made to reduce time where possible this cannot always be achieved due to actions outside our control. The times quoted are from the time the final sample is received.

Please note that prepaid return postage is not included.

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Infidelity DNA testing

The test can help confirm suspicions about a cheating or unfaithful partner. All you have to do is send in any items deemed suspicious, and our lab will analyse them to verify the presence of human biological stains, and possibly assist in the identification of the likely donors.

What type of suspicious items can be analysed for DNA?

At EasyDNA, we are equipped to test many discreet samples and offer testing at very competitive prices. To understand more about discreet samples and the success rate of DNA extraction visit our forensic DNA testing services.

The samples people submit for DNA infidelity testing varies from case to case, however, the most common items include hair, underwear, bed sheets, tissues and condoms. Testing, however, can be applied to any sample suspected to have biological material on it.

How successful is DNA extraction?

The success rate of extracting DNA depends a lot on the quality of the sample provided and the way in which it has been stored. Therefore, the less contaminated the sample is, the more likely that a DNA profile can be obtained. Whilst we have high rates of success in DNA extraction, we cannot ever guarantee a 100% success rate. The sample might also not contain any DNA in the first in the first place.

What Can an infidelity DNA test tell me?

  • Human or non-human material: The test can determine if any suspicious stains on items such as underwear are human stains or not. If a DNA profile (full, partial or mixed profile) is obtained this will clearly show the presence of human DNA.
  • Multiple gender testing: This will confirm if the suspicious biological stains are from a male or female donor (there may be cases of mixed profiles). DNA testing can confirm through the identification of the XX and XY chromosome the sex of the donor.
  • Identification of donor: In the event a DNA profile is obtained, this profile can be used to include or exclude an individual from being the donor of that particular sample. A reference sample of the possible donor is required for comparison purposes.

Semen Detection Test

A semen detection test is quick and simple test that will enable you to confirm the presence of semen. If you do not require a full DNA test but just want to know if a strain contains semen or not, check out our semen detection test.