Peter Ndlovu Questions Paternity of Two Sons with Sharon Dee

Zimbabwean football star, Peter Ndlovu, is in court over a paternity dispute as he attempts to avoid paying child support to his ex-wife, singer Sharon Dee.

DNA Paternity tests have been ordered by a South African magistrate following claims by Ndlovu that the two sons he has raised are not his.

Following their divorce last year, Sharon Dee approached the Randburg Maintenance Court seeking child maintenance for their two children amounting to R36,000 (£2,715) monthly, and R10,000 (£755) for herself, plus further payments towards her mortgage.In what has been seen as a desperate act, the striker for South African premiership club Thanda Zulu Royals, disputed that he fathered the two children, including the eldest who he named after his late friend, footballer, Benjamin Nkonjera.

With blood tests being done at the Durban Laboratory this week by court order, close friends have expressed disgust and shock at Ndlovu’s actions, one being quoted as saying, “Granted, Peter is not the smartest or most educated person, but to challenge the paternity of children he has raised as his at this late stage is just pathetic.”

“It is evident the money Sharon is asking for is a little bit too much, but you really wonder if Peter has made enough effort to reach a fairer settlement with her outside the court process. This whole episode lacks class, and it’s really sad.”

It is reported that Ndlovu’s extra-marital affairs were the cause of the divorce when Lee told reporters, “nothing can fix this marriage”. Further reports emerged about an affair resulting in a Zimbabwean woman having a miscarriage and believing Ndlovu to be single.

Sharon Dee and Peter Ndlovu had been married for 11 years.

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