What is the difference between baby gender testing with blood and with urine?

The following table summarizes the most salient differences between a baby gender test using blood and that using urine. This will help you instantly grasp how the two tests vary and also enable you to make an informed choice. It is important to keep in mind that accurate urine testing for baby gender should be a DNA test carried out in a laboratory.

Urine-based test Blood Based Test Non Laboratory Tested home tests
Sample Type   50-100ml Urine  Blood, finger prick, blood draw  Urine Sample
Accuracy of test  99% accurate  80%-95% accurate (as claimed)  <80%
Turnaround Time   3-10 working days (incl.      express option)  Varies between 3-10 working  days (incl.  express option)  Few minutes
Time at which you carry test  9th week of pregnancy  9th weeks of pregnancy  10 weeks

Maternal Urine to Determine the Sex of Baby

It makes sense to discuss this more accurate method for determining baby gender. It has several advantages over other methods, including accuracy and easy of sampling. Fetal DNA fragments get flushed out with the mother’s urine. It is important to note that the DNA is not whole and coiled as it is when found in the cell nucleus but it is simply in small pieces. These pieces are enough for scientists to use a technique known as PCR, Polymerase Chain Reaction, to analyze short pieces of DNA. Males have 23 pairs of XY chromosomes and females have 23 pairs of XX chromosomes. Only males have Y chromosomes, therefore, it is clear that if Y chromosome fragments are found in the urine the expectant mother will have a baby boy. If there is no Y chromosome present, then the baby will be girl. This DNA test cannot be earlier than the 9th week of pregnancy.

How do I know how many weeks pregnancy am I?

You can establish how many weeks pregnant you are by using a pregnancy calculator. You simply input the date of your last menstrual period and you get your due date and your likely conception date. Pregnancy calculators are of course based on estimates – something which is important to keep in mind. Also, it is unlikely that your due date is actually in any way precise, it will most likely be a few days off. Whichever the case, baby gender testing with urine will require a fair idea of how advanced in the pregnancy you are or you may risk an inconclusive result.