Discover ancestral origins with Ancestry DNA testing in Australia

We all share common ancestors. But where did these ancestors come from? Who where they? An ancestry DNA test can answer these questions because the answers are written in your genetic makeup. Moreover, many DNA testing companies offer ancestry tests in New Zealand.

Some 60,000 years ago we all share common ancestors that lived in Africa. They did not stay there, but immigrated to various parts of the world- Europe, North and South America, Asia and other places. This immigration pattern was crucial because it created variations in each groups genetic make-up depending on the conditions in which they lived- mutations resulted in their genes. These mutations are what make it possible for an ancestry DNA test to track the migration pattern of your ancestors and locate the place your specific group of ancestors came from. The test will link you to populations and anthropological regions around the world and have them plotted on a map so that you can easily visualise. You will be connected genetically to perhaps such groups as Sub-Saharan, Native American, East Asian or European.

Some terms you will come across in your ancestry DNA test:

Mutations in DNA

A mutation is a permanent change in which the DNA sequence is somehow altered; with these changes come actual changes to the person or to traits. A very short note on mutations; mutations are of course not always harmful- some mutations are very important and very beneficial and enable us and enabled our ancestor to survive in the conditions they lived.


A Haplotype is a group of closely linked genetic loci which are found on a single chromosome and which are inherited together. A Haplotype is the contracted form of Haploid phenotype.


Haplogroups are central to understand your ancestral origins test because these groups will show the early migration patterns of your ancestors and are also commonly connected with a geographical region.

There can be small variations in ancestry testing and information provided from company to company although some may use much more sophisticated testing equipment and have a larger genetic database to help them provide a more thorough result. Whilst ancestry DNA testing can be very interesting and enlightening, connecting you with regions, populations and establishing your geogenetic origins, they will not be able to tell you any specific names or connect you to any specific person or family.