Jude Law Asks For Paternity Test

British actor, Jude Law has requested a DNA paternity test from the pregnant model who is naming him as the father of her unborn child. The couple spent two nights together during the filming of Guy Richie’s new Sherlock Holmes movie, following which the 24-year-old model Samantha Burke, from Florida in the USA, revealed that she was pregnant and that Jude Law was the father.

The actor has told friends that he will stand by Samantha and the baby, if he is indeed the father. However, he added that he needs to be “100% certain” that the baby is his before he commits in any way which is why he is insisting on the DNA paternity test.

The model is said to be less than impressed with his behaviour since hearing the news, as she is insisting he is the father, however, the actor, 36, who has children from a previous marriage to Sadie Frost is very sensitive as to how this new addition to the family will affect them and wants to be certain of the paternity.

Paternity testing is the most accurate way to prove who is the father. The test should help this couple confirm their doubts and assume their parental responsibilities.

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